Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am one lucky girl!!!

When you said on Saturday before we went out for the birthday party…
“No way! It’s my turn mama! You be the DD tonight! I always drive.”
And then.... Knowing how I am, and that I hate driving your truck, and that I am a total lightweight you drove anyway. Then you left the bar about an hour into it to get our friends, because I didn’t want them to bring their own car, because I just had to have G with me for the drive home when we rock out to 80’s music as loud as we can! Then you drove us home with the three of you boys in the front and us three girls in the back singing er...screaming the Mama Mia soundtrack and you quietly sang er.. mumbled along until the boys looked at you and you said “So what! I have an 8 year old daughter! What’s it to ya?!” Then when we got back to HD’s house at like 2 in the morning, us girls still had some singing and dancing to do, so you handed me a Budweiser and kissed me on the forehead before heading into the basement with the men. Then on Sunday morning when I was sure that the cerebral hemorrhage I was having was in fact going to kill me, if drowning myself in the toilet water didn’t do the trick first, and you brought me a glass of water and some Tylenol then kissed me before heading out to get the kiddos from Grandma’s taking your time to come home until I was feeling much better. Then when you helped clean house while I lazed it up watching cartoons with the kiddos…..

Yeah… I love you!

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  1. Wow! Your husband totally Rocks! Lucky Girl indeed.