Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you lack social skills?

Well do you?

Here is how you can tell....

You are at a class with your kids. Karate, dance, singing, whatever. Do you:

a) talk loudly on your cell phone so that people are looking around for something to hit you over the head with?

b) Sit quietly amazed that your child is really that cool?


c) let your other, smaller children run completely amuck, screaming, getting into purses, and grabbing toys out of other kids hands?

If you answered b.. Congratulations you have social skills, and yes your kids are probably that cool! :)

If you answered a or c you are one of the a-holes I ran into at my kids class last night and you completely lack social skills! You should relegate yourself to a hermit and hide out at home until you get a freakin' clue!

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