Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to the Modern Day Housewife

Yes lady, 10 am is too early for a cocktail, but being a housewife these days who can blame you for wanting one!

Welcome to the Modern Day Houswife!

How this blog got started:

I started my very first blog recently. You know, the usual cutesy blog about the fam and the kids and what not. On my third post, a friend and fellow blogger left me a comment basically asking if I was just going to be another one of those bloggers that rambles on and on about their cute family and the cute things they have done.

My answer: Yes and No

I kept the other blog for my family and friends, but decided to start this one so that I can basically bitch and comment about whatever I want.

So welcome to the Modern Day Housewife,where you never know what you'll get! Enjoy!

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  1. giddyup... I will be checking back... the force is strong in you...