Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Things you would never admit to day is here again....

Today's topic:

Romanc Novels

I'll admit it! I love them! With all their super corny, make you wanna puke, predictable story lines and PG - R rated love scenes!

I own probably 50 and most I have read twice!

My favorite authors are:

Julie Garwood

Judith McNaught

Jude Devereaux

Nora Roberts

Although if you prefer a more smutty novel I suggest JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. You know all those parts in Twilight where you are just waiting for them to actually do something and then you think to yourself "Shit! What am I talking about? They're just kids." Yeah, not with this one!

Say what you will about them,
but you won't hear my hubby complaining!
There is nothing like a good, sultry, romance novel
to get me in the mood. ;)

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