Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"Things You Would Never Admit To"

Today's Topic:

80's Fashion
Most of us will never admit that we secretly loved all those clothes we couldn't wait to be rid of!
The 80's was a time for self-expression!
People wore what they wanted!
It didn't matter if it looked good or matched.
It was hot to them, and that's what mattered.

Now I can hardly believe my eyes when I see that it is all coming back!
The leg-warmers, the bright colors, sweater dresses, off-shoulder tops, tunics, fat belts, big earrings, bangle bracelets..... All back and hotter than ever!

Who can forget the style of The Bangles and Madonna!
These girls were what it was all about!
They made frizzy hair and funky make-up look hot!

And seriously, did pink and white ever look sexier on a man!

Now, I can honestly say that I NEVER thought that Molly Ringwald's dress in Pretty in Pink was all that hot. I never did get the appeal. It looked homemade, but I guess that was probably the point.

Finally there is John Cusak in Say Anything.
Admit it girls! You all wanted a piece of that!
Sweatpants, and old T-shirt, and a trench coat!


Who could possibly forget the leotard that went around your boobs.
With no bra that look is steamin' hot!

OK maybe not! Actually it's quite hideous, but great for a laugh!
This past Halloween a friend and I dressed up 80's and went out with our husbands. I kid you not, we could not keep the guys away! They loved it! For whatever reason, men think the 80's look is so sexy! My husband could not wait to get me home! TMI, I know but still! There is something to it!

So the 80's are back with a vengeance and here to stay for the time being. Better get used to it.
Makes me wonder what else will come back to haunt us.........


  1. LOL.... The 80's are back and the stuff they make now days is WAY cuter than what we used to have. I admit it... I like it! However as I get older I'm not sure how much of the 80's attire I can pull off.

  2. No to 80's fashion. Yes to 80's music.