Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tidee Didee

Every Tuesday night I have to watch Dirty Jobs on Discovery. For those of you blog pals that don't know of this show, it's pretty self explanatory. The host, Mike Rowe, goes around the country doing various dirty jobs. I just love this show and Mike Rowe is HOT! He has a way dirty mind, and there is something about that whole "blue collar, not afraid to get his hands dirty" thing that just turns me on!

Anyway, back to my story. So I am watching Dirty Jobs last night, and for his last job of the show he went to work for a diaper service. Yeah! Eww!

So the poor bastard is driving around with this guy in what they dubbed as the "Diaper Service Poo Truck" (kinda catchy if you ask me) picking up diapers full of shit off of people's doorsteps, talking about how there is a definite weight difference between the clean ones they are dropping off and the soiled ones they are picking up, and I am like "Here's to you Baby Shit Collector!"

Now, the whole reason that these people hang on to their kids shit for a week and keep it in a bag, is to help the environment. Which is great. Also, according to the show their kids potty train faster.
Duh! If I had to choose between potty training my kid or hanging on to his shit for a week I am pretty sure I would have had him sitting over a toilet before he could even hold his head up!

So they get back to the factory and meet the guy who has to count the diapers filled with "business" and I am like "O.K. I have three questions"

1) What the hell does that job pay?
2) Who the hell gets to touch that inventory page after you get done jotting down your notes?
3) Why aren't you wearing an f'in HASMAT suit?

Then they are all like"Yeah, and we do adult diapers too" and he holds up what can only be described as a soiled bed sheet and I about threw up in my mouth!! Of course, they couldn't just stop with the baby diapers! Shit!

At this point, like most of these shows, I am so disgusted I have to watch the rest!

So here they are, counting the "business" filled diapers and Mike Rowe starts chucking them on the camera. Now, if I were that camera guy, I would have been all "HELL NO" and I would have had to kick his ass! But only after a gave him a big smoochie right on that dirty mouth of his. :)

Anyway, nothing much to report as after that it was O.K. Except for that they had to pick them up by the arm fulls and toss them into an industrial washer. Which I have to say, was pretty nasty.

At the end of his show Mike always does a shout out to people who might have a dirty job for him to do.

So if you do go to

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  1. HaHa! We love that show but didn't catch taht episode. GROSS! But yes Mike Rowe is HOT!