Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alright boys and girls…. Thought for Thursday

Where is the line?

We'll be out with our friends and some of the guys will look at a girl and be all like
"Woah, I bet she's High Maintenance."

Then I will look at her and think...Why?

Is it because her hair looks real nice and like she's been to a salon in the last 3 months?

Is it because she has her nails done?

Is it because that outfit she is wearing is nice?

Is it because she takes care of herself and obviously cares about her appearance?

So basically, if I want to go get my hair done, have my nails done, get a pedicure, spend an extra chunk of time on my hair and make-up, change my clothes a few times before we go out, join a health club, indulge in a new pair of shoes or that new outfit I have been craving (giving due regard to finances, of course), I could be considered “high maintenance”..... Right?

Honestly, I am very lucky when I get to indulge in any of these things because it doesn't happen very often, but I do try because I want to look nice. Call it vanity or whatever you want, but I do think that there is a direct link between how you look and how you feel. I feel more confident and sexy when I feel like I look good.

On the flip side it seems like those women who do not indulge themselves in any of these things are said to have “let themselves go” much to the dismay of their husbands.

So the Thought for Thursday is where is the line? How much can we do to take care of ourselves and look our best before we cross the line into “high maintenance”? Is “high maintenance” more of an attitude? Is it more of a description of someone you feel would probably take a lot of work if you wanted to keep them happy?
Is it all of the above?
Do men want us to look our best, but simply wish it took less time, money, and energy?

I am curious what it means to you.

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  1. Great Topic! When Heath and I are out. He will at times see a girl and say "She looks like High Maintenace". So I thought the same thing. Sometimes I REALLY care about my looks and other times I just don't care at all and think "who am I impressing???"

    Heath has always said that he likes me more dressed down and comfortable. Even when I come home from work in my dress clothes he will tell me to go change and be comfortable. Although, in the past I dated guys who preferred the hair, make-up, heels, nails and so on...

    I think the term depends on the guy. But I do agree I feel a whole lot better when I think I look HOT!~ :)

  2. In my opinion, when I hear the term 'high maintenance', I think of a woman who HAS to have those things. I also think of a woman who gives a rather snobbish attitude when she is out.
    I love to look good, but I also have the confidence to know I can go out in jeans and a t-shirt and still look good. I'm not a 'needy' person... I think high maintenance people tend to be pretty needy as well...

    that's my scattered 2 cents :)
    Great topic!!

  3. Thank you girls so much for your feedback!! :)

    For the rest of you lurking out there let me know. What does "High Maintenance" mean to you?I would love to hear your comments. :)