Monday, February 2, 2009


OK gals so here is the scenario…

True story!

A little background:
My girlfriend and I love cheese and wine. On rare occasions, we will get together for girl chat, and treat ourselves with a block of Brie, a box of crackers, some pears, and a bottle of wine and just pig out.

Fast forward >>>

I’m sitting with my hubby and I tell him that I really want to loose about 10-15 lbs to get to the size I want to be, and I would like his support. He says….

“So if you are like, I don't know, wolfing down a block of cheese and a box of crackers do you want me to say something?”

Yeah, that’s right! He said that shit! I mean for hell’s sake man, at least give an example of something I don’t do!

So what did I do? It’s all in a series of looks, ladies.

I did not say a word.

First I gave him the “What the hell are you talking about? Are you f 'in crazy?” look.

After a few seconds of enduring that look, he starts mumbling (Because it's hard to be coherent with your foot all the way down your damn throat!) something like “That probably wasn’t the best thing…" "I mean I’m just trying to be…." "What I was trying to say was…..”

Once I was sure he realized his mistake, I gave him the “Yeah babe, that shit just happened" look, and walked away.



  1. Didn't your hubby take the class that teaches them when they hear... "Does my butt look big" or "I need to lose a few pounds"

    For them to say.... "Oh Honey, you look Beautiful to me and I don't think you need to change a thing.

    You should sign him up! haha

  2. Niiiice. We need to develop shock collars for husbands - you know like those dog collars that zap when the dog barks.

    Thanks for checking out my blog :)