Thursday, February 12, 2009


Or my version of it anyway.

I had a dentist appointment today. Yeah. Some of you are already going "Ahhh, now I get the title." Like, after I finish at the dentist, I truly wish that having shitty teeth was cool. Like maybe I could go around with my grayish yellow teeth and guys would think THAT was hot.

Anyway, this was the worst trip to the dentist EVER.

I have a pretty good smile on the surface but because I loathe the dentist so much it's only the surface. I've had a broken molar for six months now and I just today went to have it drilled out and filled. Big mistake! I should have just let the thing fall out!

So I am lying there watching The Office, cracking up, waiting for the dentist and that is where all the fun stops. He walks in with his needles and begins to numb me.

Not once, because that didn't work and I could feel both the drill and the ice cold air blowing on my tooth.

Not twice, because I could still feel both the drill and the ice cold air blowing on my tooth.

Not thrice, again with the drill and the air only way worse now because my tooth is angry.

Not quatro, and by now I am pretty pissed at the asshole as some of the tooth has been partly drilled out and it hurts like a mother f&*$%er!

No luck on cinco either but we decide that I would try to brave it. Big mistake as the drill hits a nerve! It was agony. I about came out of the chair and I am ashamed to say that I immediately burst into tears.

What a baby! I know, but shit! I was dying!

Of course my ordeal isn't over.... I mean you can't just leave an open throbbing tooth. So they packed it with whatever and are sending me off to see a root-canal specialist tomorrow. That ought to be fun.

Stay tuned....

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