Sunday, February 15, 2009


Valentine's Day was pretty easy goin'. You know you're getting old when....

- You sit in your pajamas on Valentines Day until 1:00 in the afternoon when you decide maybe you ought to take a shower and do something.

- You spend most of the day on the PC trying to think of something to blog about Valentine's Day.

- Your hot Valentine's date consists of taking the kiddos to Chili's, then going home and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's while watching Enchanted with the kids.

- Your super hot evening ends off with you and the hubby falling asleep to the Discovery Channel.

Wow! My Valentine's Day looks even more pathetic typed out for you all to see! Oh well. :)

Today is the day I clean my house! This place is a disaster!

How do we let it get like this. Am I the only person that thinks that their house is probably the messiest house in the world?! Some days I just don't believe humans actually live here! It seems like no matter how many organizational tips we read or job charts we make this place is still a mess!

So that's it!! I've had it!! I am enlisting my kids and hubby and we are going to get this place cleaned up because it is truly ridiculous!! Wish me luck!

My son has this doll. OK he's a boy so it's an "action figure". It's one of those GI Joe type guys that's as big as a Barbie. Anyhoo we are driving and my daughter "accidentally" busts the arm off of the doll at the elbow. So of course my husband had to pull over for emergency surgery because my 6 year old son is heartbroken and silently crying alligator tears while holding his precious doll in one hand and the severed forearm in the other.

Hubby: It's OK pal. It's like he's gone into battle. Sometimes you get hurt in battle.

Daughter: And your arm comes off and gushes blood all over!

Son: b-b-but it's broken

Hubby: Hold on pal, I'm gonna pull over and we will do emergency surgery.

Hubby pulls the truck over into a parking lot.

Hubby: Nurse! (me) In that side pocket there is a thing of black electrical tape. I need it STAT!

I hand him the tape.

Hubby: OK pal, you got that arm on ice? Hand it over.

Hubby begins wrapping massive amounts of the black electrical tape around the arm.

Hubby picks up the doll and flexes the arm proud of his work!

Hubby: Look pal, the arm even moves a bit still.

Son: But it looks all chubby.

Hubby: Well that's because it's a cast.

Son: Casts aren't black.

This is about the time I look at my hubby and say "You are such a good daddy! But you can't win."


Update: House is clean and I earned myself a little slice of heaven which I like to call a Margarita. Oh, and some girl time seeing a movie with my friend. We saw Confessions of a Shopaholic and it was way cute!!

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  1. Oh, That was FUNNY!!!! Emergency surgery on the side of the road to a GI Joe Doll is Priceless. You have got to post a picture of the patient on here.

    Good Job on your house! I started on mine but lost my motivation. Hopefully tomight will be better!